Strijd om de Tijd (Struggle for time)

The organisational consquences of the 24-hour economy
Ton de Korte
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2002
Publishing date:
90 6155 775 5

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Emotions are running high in relation to the issue of letting go of the customary working and business operating hours. No wonder, because the eight-hour workday, the five-day workweek with a two-day weekend and the associated ‘Thank goodness it's Friday' feelings and ‘Monday morning blues' are deeply rooted in our values and customs, culture and business culture.

The developments described in this book demonstrate that we are approaching an historical trend break that will lead to a new struggle for time. The book's central theme is the implications this will have for labour organisations and the people working in these organisations. The relationship between work and personal life is extensively covered. The management and employee issues that result from the changes in working and business hours are discussed.


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