Het Strategieboek (The Strategy Book)

Paul Pietersma, Kees Rippen, Theo Janssen, Erwin Agasi, Mark van Mierle and Laura Nijkamp
Amsterdam: Nieuwezijds, 2002
Publishing date:
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‘Strategic Dialogue' is the name of Berenschot's approach to the strategy development process. The approach calls for stakeholders in the client organisation to participate in a learning process guided by Berenschot consultants. The process involves the preparation of analyses, generation of strategic options and selection of options on the basis of dialogue. The knowledge and experience that exists within the client organisation is optimally mobilised. This creates insight and a shared feeling for the chosen direction.

The Het Strategieboek (The Book of Strategy) aims to be a guiding principle for successfully completing the strategy formation process. Part 1 discusses the steps in the strategy formation process, the different levels of strategy formation and the interaction between strategy at the corporate level and strategy at the business unit level. Part 2 defines the process steps in further detail. Part 3 includes all strategy models, whereby the colour of the page identifies the phase during which the model can be used. For each model, the purpose and value are indicated and in addition the narrative is continued.

The Het Strategieboek (The Book of Strategy) is a follow up to Berenschot's highly successful Managementmodellenboek (Management Models Handbook) and is a must for every director, manager, entrepreneur and participant involved or party interested in the strategy process within organisations.