Publiek Management (Public Management)

65 Models
Marlies Martens, Kees-Jan Groen en Bertram van der Wal,
Utrecht: FC Klap, 2002, Anniversary Publication
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This book is no longer available.


Berenschot provides managers, administrators and employees an inside view of the consulting profession in a nutshell. Numerous current themes are explored by means of 65 concrete models that are based on years of practical experience: ranging from benchmarking, separation of powers and crisis management to consensus building on the basis of the polder model, franchising and risk management. Using concise forceful language, the essence of each model is explained, practical examples are reviewed and the authors - noblesse oblige - add their critical comments in the margins. Each model also includes instructions for its use.

The models assist in the exchange of knowledge: from the ‘ropes of the trade' to new ideas about working efficiently and effectively. A model sometimes creates a bridge between theory and practice, sometimes it provides a wise practical lesson and sometimes it is a ‘lens' that allows you to look at a situation from a different angle. Neither a scientific foundation nor the desire to assemble the ‘top 65' was a model selection criteria. Rather, the selection criteria were based on the potential for practical application. This is why this management book forms a useful tool in the unruly practice of everyday business life.


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