Organiseren in tijden van schaarste (Organising during Times of Scarcity)

Creative solutions for permanent labour shortage.
Ester de Kleer, Etienne Commissaris, Ton de Korte
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2002 (Berenschot Foundation)
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Scarcity on the labour market will be a structural problem in the Netherlands over the coming 10 to 15 years. The current economic downturn hides the problem in, for example, the ICT sector, but many other sectors are also faced with looming shortages, such as the education, healthcare, defence, security and prison sectors. Little has been published on this subject, however, certainly not about solutions that individual organisations have developed to this problem. This motivated Berenschot to conduct research into the measures adopted by organisations in their attempts to combat scarcity. In addition, research was conducted to determine to what extent scarcity constitutes a strategic issue and its impact on the employer-employee relationship.

Scarcity in the labour market, a captivating subject. At one moment it is in the full limelight and in the next moment it is overshadowed by drastic developments throughout the world and by a stagnating economy. The demographic trend (greying and dejuvenation) in the Netherlands is unmistakable, however. Scarcity will continue to be an important issue for the Dutch labour market.

In case of personnel shortages many organisations revert to the same approach: increased recruitment and selection, and actions to increase employee commitment. We are all fishing in the same pond, however. Only few organisations take the persisting labour market shortages into account in the design of their processes and organisation structures. Actual practice is explored in further detail in this book on the basis of research conducted with six organisations. Forty tips provide concrete points of departure for your organisation as a basis for developing a broad, structured approach to the labour market. An approach focused on the well-thought out deployment of the people and resources at your disposal.

The publication was commissioned by the Ir. B.W. Berenschot Fundatie.


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