Het Onmisbare Middenkader (The Indispensable Middle Manager)

Janka Stoker, Ton de Korte
Van Gorcum/Stichting Management Studies (SMS), 2000
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Middle management for a long time seemed to have been blacklisted. However, during recent years the tide appears to be turning and middle management is being given an important function in the new management concepts. This book describes the changing context within which middle management is required to perform its work and identifies middle management's shifting tasks and roles on the basis of case studies conducted in a dozen companies.

The demands placed on middle management are severe and often contradictory. The increased interest of ‘people-management' in the tasks of middle management and the need for coaching leadership behaviour is striking, while organisations at the same time also expect more management and a greater focus on results from middle managers. The stress and fun factors associated with the middle management role are described in expressive language and towards the end of the book the authors also negate a number of management hypes. In their place they provide recommendations extracted from their research.