Ondernemende brancheorganisaties (Enterprising Trade Associations)

Dedan Schmidt, Jan Peter van den Toren, Marieke de Wal
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2003 (Berenschot Foundation)
Publishing date:

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Over a thousand trade associations operate behind the scenes of the Dutch economy. Only a few - such as the NVM (Netherlands Association of Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Experts), BOVAG (Netherlands Association of Car Dealers and Garage Operators) and ANVR (Netherlands Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators) - are known to the general public. However, trade associations play an important role for Dutch business: a large proportion of all entrepreneurs is a member of a trade organisation.

The role of trade associations is not obvious: on the one hand, members are counting on them to properly protect their interests and provide attractive services, while on the other hand governments and social institutions expect them to ensure that their membership adheres to agreements. Trade associations perform a balancing act between these interests.

Ondernemende Brancheorganisaties (Enterprising Trade Associations) for the first time provides an overview of trade associations in the Netherlands. Where are they active, what do they do and what functions do they fulfil for their members and within the economy? Based on the various roles played by trade associations, the authors describe how these organisations select and fulfil their functions and evaluate their performance. Do they provide added value to their membership and do they have social significance?

This book is not only of interest to persons who are professionally involved with trade organisations, but also to the executives, managers and staff members of the trade organisations themselves. Ondernemende brancheorganisaties (Enterprising Trade Associations) introduces a positioning dialogue for this target audience, an instrument that allows trade associations to determine their own position.