Marketing Management

The essentials
Philip Kotler, Henry Robben, Maggie Geuens, in collaboration with Onno Ponfoort, Lonneke Schijvens, Hans Snel and Ton Speet
Amsterdam: Pearson, 2003
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A newer edition of this book in Dutch is available.


Marketing Management - de essentie (Marketing Management, The Essentials) provides a clear overview of present-day marketing management based on the renowned book, ‘Marketing Management', written by Philip Kotler.

Marketing is important to all of us - regardless of whether we work with goods, services, image development, persons, sites, information, concepts or organisations. In addition to the key points retained from the English-language version, this fully adapted Dutch-language edition of 'A Framework for Marketing Management' authored by Philip Kotler contains many Belgian and Dutch case studies and examples that make this publication as a whole extremely relevant for the marketer in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Each chapter starts off with a case study specifically written for this edition.
These case studies detail how marketing managers have applied the core concepts described within their own organisation. Explore the relationships between theory and practices used by businesses and brand names such as Albert Heijn, Basiq Air, Côte d'Or, E5, Shell and Studio 100. This will take you into an interesting, engrossing journey into the marketing landscape.

This adaptation is for students and managers who would like to be exposed to a full introduction to the essentials of modern marketing management.

This readable, clear and complete book was written in partnership with academics (Kotler, Robben, Geuens) and Berenschot business consultants (Ponfoort, Schijvens, Snel, Speet).

Indispensable for anyone looking for an explanation of marketing management theory on the basis of how things are done in modern Belgian and Dutch business enterprises.