Managen met competenties (Management of Competencies)

A permanent dialogue between people and organisations.
Janka Stoker and Mariken Kruijff
Amserdam: Reed Elsevier, 1999
Publishing date:
90 6155 940 5

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Using a conceptual framework, concrete HRM and other applications, and several case studies from actual practice, this book describes how the competencies within an organisation can be managed. The authors indicate that competency management's strength in particular is to be found in a continuous dialogue between the individual and the organisation. This relationship is established by linking the organisation's core competencies to employee competencies on the basis of the organisation's structure.

Competency management does not always take the same form, however. The book makes a distinction between four different forms of competency management and illustrates what this may look like in actual practice (using KPN, Sara Lee/DE and others as examples). The reader is furthermore provided with a glimpse into the future of competency management. Six renowned experts provide their views on competency management for the year 2010.


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