Leren voor Leiderschap (Training for Leadership)

A new perspective on leadership development
Ester der Kleer, Sari van Poelje and Petra van den Berg
Utrecht: Van Gorcum, 2002
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What exactly do managers really learn from? To answer this question, Berenschot spoke extensively with successful managers in five large Dutch companies. Critical learning experiences and learning directions that formed distinct elements in their development were identified in joint collaboration. The capacity to learn from almost any situation appears to be essential and is something that can be developed. The art of being able to identify the critical learning experiences in a situation can also be learned.

Leren voor Leiderschap (Training for Leadership) is written for the manager interested in increasing his/her own effectiveness. Furthermore, it provides a helping hand for professionals involved in management development. This new perspective on management development could be used as a guideline for future programmes.


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