De kunst van het volgen (The Art of Accepting Direction)

Bart Drenth, Ber Damen, Aart Goedhart
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2005
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Accepting direction therefore is a key theme in De kunst van het volgen (The Art of Accepting Direction). According to the authors, many problems experienced by organisations are due to poor acceptance of direction. Proper acceptance of direction may be even more important to the success of an organisation than good leadership. Based on many examples from actual practice, Bart Drenth, Ber Damen and Aart Goedhart have identified different type of followers. Based on these findings, they are making a plea for ‘hands-off leadership' and ‘firm acceptance of direction'.

Due to the familiar examples from actual practice, the animated descriptions and the stimulating viewpoints, De kunst van het volgen (The Art of Accepting Direction) is important to those receiving as well as giving direction. Greater attention to proper acceptance of direction will not only translate into better performance for the organisation as a whole, it will also result in more satisfying work for all involved parties.


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