Klaar voor de storm? (Ready for the storm?)

Useful tips on how to weather the coming recession
Luuk Verburgh and Luddo Oh
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2008
Publishing date:

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Uncertainty among consumers, vendors and employees is rising. What can you do to turn the tide? Is your organisation next, or is there still something you can do to stop it? What steps do you need to take to weather this tempest? Because this is a heavy storm front that is hitting not only financial institutions, but the entire corporate sector.

Once you are forced to reorganise and you do have to cut costs, then do it early and do it right the first time. Berenschot can draw on its over almost 80 years of experience to make your organisation more robust and seaworthy in any conditions. In this publication, we offer you tips and tools for implementing structural cost reductions and preparing organisations for stormy weather.


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