HR Trends 2010-2011

Hans van der Spek
The Hague: Performa Uitgeverij, 2010
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HR Trends 2010-2011 Preview

This publication is no longer available. Please refer to the 2011-2012.


The largest survey conducted among internal and external HR and salary administration professionals in the Netherlands in relation to the HR function, the HR department, the HR service provider and remuneration and appreciation, including variances between men & women and profit & non-profit.

This year too, the survey not only focused on ‘internal' HR professionals working within large and medium-sized organisations in the area of personnel and organisation, it also included directors of HR service bureaus and independently established HR consultants. Respondents were invited to participate in this internet-based survey via e-mail, various communities, websites and twitter. 819 respondents ultimately completed the full questionnaire.

Unless stated otherwise, the results are reported for the entire population of respondents, regardless of whether they occupy an internal HR position or an external consulting position. Where useful and necessary a distinction is nevertheless made between internal and external respondents, and sometimes between directors/major shareholders and independent workers without employees. In addition, remuneration tables in the last chapter are broken down by men/women and profit/non-profit organisations. This year the survey analyses for the first time the implications of the New Way of Working for organisations. Chapter 8 contains the results of this analysis.

HR Trends 2010-2011 came about with the support of all key HR professional associations, intermediaries and trade journals. We would therefore like to thank the NVP, Output, NVO2, Nobco and Recruiters United associations, the Cedeo and Nirpa/RPP certification agencies, and the HR Rendement, Management Rendement, Arbo Rendement, Salaris Rendement, Leren in Organisaties and Checklist Personeel trade journals.

HR Trends is the successor to the ‘Remuneration and Appreciation of HR Professionals' survey. The survey, an initiative of Performa Uitgeverij, this year was once again conducted by Berenschot and jointly facilitated by ADP Nederland. We are truly grateful to them, as well as to all respondents who made the effort to complete the elaborate questionnaire!