Het verbeteren van uw projectorganisatie (Improving your project organisation)

The Excellence Model Project in practice)
Eddy Westerveld and Dino Gaya Walters
Utrecht: Kluwer in partnership with the Berenschot Fundatie, 2001
Publishing date:

This publication is no longer available through Berenschot.


In some sectors, project-based work is the preferred way of working. Take the construction or IT sector for example. But increasing numbers of permanent organisations are switching to a project-based approach, because they are discovering that in many situations projects are more effective at achieving the organisation's objectives. In this book, a model is proposed for setting up and managing projects: the Project Excellence Model. With this model, critical success factors can be determined for each specific project. These can then be translated to a suitable project organisation, in which not only internal governance and control are studied, but also aspects like leadership and how people function in a team. The model also considers a project expressly in its environment.

The book describes the Project Excellence Model and includes a complete practical manual which project managers can use to apply the model to their own project. The appendices to the manual are included on the enclosed CD-ROM so that the manual can be used several times.

Het verbeteren van uw project organisatie