Grip op leiderschap (Getting a Grip on Leadership)

J.I. Stoker, N.J. Kolk
Deventer/Zaltbommel: Kluwer/INK, 2003
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Are leaders born or made? What makes or breaks a manager? Grip op leiderschap (Getting a Grip on Leadership) partly on the basis of the research described in Leiderschap in Nederland (Leadership in the Netherlands) describes how good managers differentiate themselves from inferior ones.

Leadership can be found anywhere: in politics, on the street, in the classroom, and last but not least in organisations. Leaders take decisions and remove obstacles for others. They are cherished and celebrated today; rejected and jeered tomorrow. Leadership therefore is a source of inspiration in actual practice and for science. However, leadership is also an enigma: it is a complex phenomenon for leaders, their followers, as well as for researchers. Is leadership the motivation of employees? The achievement of results? Inspiring people?

How is a leader to respond to all these question marks? He/she primarily searches for answers to get a grip on leadership. This book responds to this need by offering the reader a few useful theoretical models, as well as by creating a bridge between the theory and the recalcitrant actual practice.

The authors create this bridge from two different perspectives. First they smooth the often difficult to negotiate path through the literature on leadership: what leadership models and theories are useful and interesting for managers and which ones are they well-advised to forget about as soon as possible? There are no sacred cows for the authors in this respect. The second half of the book provides insight into the way in which the models and theories provided in the book can be applied in actual practice. The authors, in part on the basis of their own experience as management consultants, provide concrete advice and tools for shaping leadership at all levels of the organisation.


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