Grip op inkoop (Getting a Grip on Purchasing)

Berenschot purchasing survey 2004/2005
R.L. Bos, G. van der Heijden, E.I. Goedhart and R.M.M. Notermans
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2005
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Purchasing is increasingly considered as a means of differentiating yourself as an organisation. Whether the issue at hand is a lowest cost strategy, a focus on core activities or innovation, purchasing in all cases plays a key role. The question is whether the purchasing function is professional enough to optimally contribute to this. To be able to answer this question, Berenschot conducts a World Class Purchasing Survey every two years. As in prior years, we sent out a purchasing survey to purchasing managers and buyers in various sectors.

This book presents the results of the survey conducted among over 300 respondents. We appear to be on the right track. Still, it is apparent that there is room for organisations to improve their purchasing function in a number of areas in order to achieve World Class Purchasing status. Only then will you have an optimal grip on purchasing and will you be in a position to actually demonstrate your added value.

"All in all, once again a practical publication that contains food for thought for many managers. Those in need of recalibrating their purchasing activities in a simple manner would do well to go through this publication. You will no doubt be left with many ideas for improvement," Arjan van Weele.


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