Een gezonde blik naar buiten (Taking a healthy look beyond our own horizons)

Anne-Marie Laeven
Deventer: Kluwer, 2008, Thesis
Publishing date:
9 789013 058505
Nr of pages:

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The regulated privatisation as a result of which hospitals ended up in todayâ€TMs new system of healthcare combines the former highly institutionalised environment with the market environment. The more competitive the environment in which an organisation operates, the greater the need for an organisation to apply the marketing concept. Market orientation is considered the epitome of marketing. Market orientation is a long term strategy in which an organisation focuses on the current and potential needs of its clients and the behaviour of competitors. Market orientation consists of collecting and distributing information and taking action on this basis.

Een gezonde blik naar buiten (Taking a healthy look beyond our own horizons) operationalises market orientation for general hospitals in the Netherlands. An instrument has been developed to measure this market orientation. The author concludes that market orientation for hospitals consists of an orientation towards patients, family doctors, third line healthcare insurers and competitors. In addition to a market orientation, hospitals - given their hybrid character - must also orient themselves towards regulatory bodies, such as the government. The book describes which factors can influence the degree of market orientation and the company results that are affected by market orientation given the characteristics of the current healthcare system.


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