Excellent HRM

The best personnel policy
Coen van Baren, P. Grondman
Uitgeverij SWP (SWP Publishers): 2000
Publishing date:
90 6665 333 7
Nr of pages:

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Berenschot HRM and the journal Personeelsbeleid (Personnel Policy) carried out a research project in 1999 to determine how companies in the Netherlands implement their personnel policies in concrete terms, including the degree of professionalism and effectiveness. It turned into a competition with a true winner selected from five nominees: Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority), Cypres Informatisering, Pink Elephant, SCA Packaging Benelux (the winner) and Syntegra.

It was found that excellent human resources management is not an isolated activity. The top as well as the lower layers in an organisation are involved. Other similarities emerge, such as the measurement and comparison of the organisation's performance with that of peer-business organisations, and advanced evaluation methods. Each P&O policy covered by this book is also unique, particularly when it comes to translating the business-specific to the human dimension: the P&O domain has a lot more potential than many believe.

excellent hrm

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