De toekomst van het middenveld (The future of the middle ground)

O. van Munster, E.J.T. van den Berg and A. van der Veen
The Hague: Delwel, 1996
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The social middle ground is not what it used to be. That's something that both friends and foes agree on. In the welfare state era, the building structure of organisations between government and market was an important factor in society. Now we are changing from a welfare state to a transaction state, the authority of the middle ground is crumbling. In this publication, the authors explore the reason for this decline.

This analysis is important for the authors' intention: an exploration of the future of the middle ground. Using a scenario analysis, the middle ground is viewed against the background of various social developments. At each step, they study how the government is affected by these developments and how it could respond.

De toekomst van het middenveld

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