De tekens van de nieuwe tijd (The signs of the new era)

About associations in the 21st century
Carolien Gehrels, Ocker van Munster, Max Mercx, etc.
Utrecht: Berenschot Fundatie in partnership with Reed Business, 1999
Publishing date:

This publication is no longer available through Berenschot.


The way in which we interact with each other is changing fast. New, intangible forms of relationships are emerging and undermining the structures of familiar associations like families, companies and clubs. The network is everywhere. These forms of relationships offer opportunities, but also more stringent demands. Not everyone is able to connect with the network and we worry about rudderless companies, about the disappearance of social bonds and about the new nomads of the World Wide Web.

In this book, the authors embark on an exploration of these new phenomena and speculate about how to proceed. What does a company whose organisation structure has disappeared look like, and what happens to the organisation culture? Will relationships only be reserved for those who know how to navigate on the Internet, or are relationships less important in a world in which technology is becoming increasingly personal? How do you construct your identity and what is the meaning of image for the virtual organisation? The central thesis of this book is that the group as a social entity is becoming fragmented and we must adapt to a new world dominated by networks and in which association has become a skill. Cults and images will ensure reference and meaning and we will be linked by the grand-cafe feeling.

De tekens van de nieuwe tijd