Competent, competentie, competentst (Competent, Competence, Most Competent)

Berenschot 2006/2007 Procurement Survey
Karin Stalenhoef, Erica Goedhart, Hadewij van de Kamp and Gert van der Heijden
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2007
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9 789080 943063
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This publication is no longer available.


The fifth edition of the World Class Purchasing Survey provides a detailed overview of the qualitative degree of professionalism of the purchasing function in the Netherlands. This is a co-production of Berenschot and the Computer Science Department at the University of Utrecht. The World Class Purchasing Survey is sent biannually to approx. 5,000 companies and non-profit organisations and provides an overview of the purchasing function in the Netherlands.

For each sector, the book provides a complete overview of their sub-sectors and the scores for these sub-sectors. This allows you to compare the professionalism of your organisation with that of your own sector in general terms.


This publication is only available in Dutch