Beelden van Bestuur (Public Administration Perspectives)

A Study of Public Administration Trends
Prof. dr. M.J.W van Twist, Mw. drs. M.C. den Boer, Ir. B.P.A. van Mil, Drs. L.Geut
Lemma (Lemma Publishers), 2002
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Beelden van Bestuur (Public Administration Perspectives) describes and analyses trends and developments in the Public Administration. The research answers three questions: which trends are currently playing a role within the Public Administration, what instruments does government use in response and how effective are these interventions?

The answers to these questions are formulated on the basis of interviews with more than 250 administrators, top public servants and public administration experts. In addition, citizens provide their views on the governmentâ€TMs actions. Striking results from this research are: the disappearance of free markets and privatisation from the political agenda, the limited results produced by supervision and inspection and the high level of importance attached to multiculturalism by administrators and public servants, while they find it difficult to provide a fitting policy response.

This can all be found back in an exceptional book that addresses current social and public administrative developments and which takes a look at the future of the Public Administration.

beelden van bestuur

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