Praktijkboek supply chain management (A Practical Guide to Supply Chain Management)

Approach, concepts and models for operational excellence in the chain
Marcel van Assen, Walther Ploos van Amstel and Math de Vaan
Deventer: Kluwer, 2010
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9 789013 065268
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Supply chain management is a priority for any organisation. Customers must be supplied with the right products at the right time at the lowest possible cost and the highest possible quality. But why does one company succeed while others fail?

Insight into the operation, opportunities and impracticalities of the supply chain and managing these is the key to success. The Praktijkboek supply chain management (A Practical Guide to Supply Chain Management) describes how to create a winning logistics chain in a world in which innovations and globalisation are continuously gaining in importance. It provides managers and consultants with concrete pointers for the actual implementation and realisation of innovations in supply chain management, and shows how to manage the often conflicting objectives in the chain, and the complexity and uncertainty that often characterises these supply chains. The authors establish the relationship between the strategic importance of logistics for the market positioning of an organisation and the social implications of logistics-based operations.

Aside from a proven approach to the realisation of an excellent supply chain, this book also provides a practical overview of the key concepts and models for supply chain management on the basis of interesting European and Dutch examples.


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