Plannen in de praktijk (Plans in Practice)

Three approaches to addressing the gap between plan and practice in crisis management
Margreeth van Dorssen, Peter van Zanten, Judith van Krieken, Maarten van Noort and Tanja Verheij (Berenschot), Ira Helsloot and Jelle Groenendaal (Community Amsterdam), Ira Helsloot and Jelle Groenendaal (Delft Technical University)
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2010
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Three approaches to addressing the gap between plan and actual practice in crisis management.

One of the trends in the safety and crisis management domain is the increasing hesitation about the utility, necessity and optimal shape of the planning process. Why is this? And what can be done to bridge the gap between plans and actual practice? These questions motivated the Berenschot organisation consulting firm, the City of Amsterdam and Delft University of Technology to form a small consortium for the purpose of submitting a joint research proposal to the B.W. Berenschot Foundation and the Nicis Institute.

Since 1986, the B.W. Berenschot Foundation has been encouraging consultants (in a financial and substantive sense) to deepen their knowledge of their profession and to renew insights and methodologies. The foundation this way wants to contribute to Berenschot's image as a leading and innovative consulting firm. Most projects result in a publication in the Berenschot Foundation series, which in the meantime includes dozens of titles. In the area of safety and crisis management, Berenschot consultants are often asked to assist customers - public and private sector parties at all levels - with a wide range of issues. This enables them to perceive trends across assignments. The Nicis Institute promotes innovative research into issues that are relevant to cities. Within the context of the ‘Knowledge for Vigorous Cities' Programme, university research groups, urban parties and the Nicis Institute jointly - as members of a consortium - conduct research into various areas, including safety and administration. More than forty research projects are currently underway.

The consortium for this research project comprised the following persons. From Berenschot: Margreeth van Dorssen, Judith van Krieken, Maarten van Noort, Tanja Verheij and Peter van Zanten. From the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Fire Department): Jelle Groenendaal and Prof. Ira Helsloot. Ira Helsloot is furthermore professor of Crisis Management and Physical Safety at VU University Amsterdam. From Delft University of Technology: Prof Hans de Bruijn, professor of Business Administration. Hans de Bruijn is furthermore the university lead partner for the Nicis governance theme.  This society with practical experience, theoretical expertise and a conceptual thinking capacity is a model for the views that we present at the end of this publication. Our joint insights about the paper-based and professional world of crisis management are recounted in this publication. We also present a number of tools that hopefully will stimulate and inspire you to make use of them or to develop them for use in your own organisation: for the purpose of creating better plans and making use of them in actual practice.


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