Perspectief op herstructurering (Perspective on Restructuring)

The importance of the Organisation and Management of the District Development Corporation
Michiel Kort
Rotterdam: Boom Lemma, 2011
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The restructuring of antiquated urban areas is a recurring theme in government policy. Not only in the Netherlands, but in other countries too. However, the results achieved by various restructuring projects are a source of dissatisfaction for many. The search to find a better way of organising restructuring initiatives is a continuous effort.

This book reports on research conducted into the operation of district development corporations: organisations in which public and private sector parties collaborate on restructuring. Based on a survey conducted among district development corporations in the Netherlands and an analysis of case studies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, an analysis was conducted to identify characteristics that are determining factors in achieving good results. Is it the organisation form or the management style that makes the difference?

Perspectief op herstructurering

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