Passend Leiderschap (Fitting Leadership)

Every School with the Best Boss
Prof. Th.W.A. Camps, Drs. P.C.M. Dekkers, Drs. H.J.H. Jurgens and Drs. M.J. van Vilsteren
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2011
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This book is about school heads in primary education, but starts with the observation that the Netherlands is changing. The school heads of today must manage their school against a backdrop of unparalleled major social trends. Together with the deregulation of the past decades, these trends have drastic implications for the position and responsibilities of school heads. They no longer carry out centrally established rules, but are required to adapt their role to the needs of the school and its surroundings. This fundamentally different role requires school heads to position the school within the social environment and to disseminate a clear vision of the school's future.

But how do you develop such fitting leadership? That was the central question underlying the research conducted by the authors in collaboration with the Netherlands Association of School Managers (AVS) among AVS members. The research model compares what a school head does with the school's needs at that point in time: direction setting (determining a new course), organising (development and innovation) or performing (consolidating the chosen route). If, in terms of leadership, the school head matches the school's development phase, his/her leadership is considered fitting.

The authors suggest various development tips for school heads based on their research and interviews. They also make a number of recommendations for school heads and management boards intended to improve the match between the school's development needs and the desired management by the school head, so that each school will have the best possible boss.


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