Op de schop (Restructuring)

Why reorganisations are a necessity and how best to implement them
Bart Drenth, Diederik Kok and Ben Kokx
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2008
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9 789023 243953
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Reorganising. This word conjures up many associations, most not very positive. Some immediately think of cleaning up shop, cuts, being supernumerary, dismissals. Others see a reorganisation primarily as a period during which attention is diverted from the real work. Op de schop (Restructuring) provides a helping hand to public managers involved in reorganisations.

The first part of Op de schop (Restructuring) answers the question of why reorganisations are unavoidable from time to time. The second part includes a practical guide. The authors thereby introduce Berenschot's reorganisation framework. A simple tool that creates clarity amid the confusion around reorganisations. Examples from actual practice and fictitious case studies clearly identify the dilemmas that every manager or consultant can expect to wrestle with during reorganisations.


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