Managers zijn struisvogels (Managers are Ostriches)

About the flight behaviour of managers
Theo Camps, Janka Stoker and Bert Jurgens
Maarssen: Reed Business, 2008
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9 789035 229990
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A manager with his head in the sand is not an everyday sight. Still, in many organisations it is a common occurrence for managers not to perform the tasks for which they were appointed.It is apparent from research among a cross-section of managers in the Netherlands that managers are capable of running away from responsibilities that they detest. This provided an impetus for the authors of Managers are struisvogels (Managers are Ostriches) to conduct a large-scale empirical research project into the flight behaviour of managers. They searched for factors that cause flight behaviour: is it the individual, the environment that is adrift or the organisation? Or perhaps simply bad luck or a poor match?


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