Managementverhalen voor communicatie (Management Stories for Communicating)

Carolien Gehrels, Maartje Prins and Robert Jonkers
The Hague: Academic Service, 2005
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90 5261 517 9
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Managementverhalen voor communicatie (Management Stories for Communicating) is a sequel to the highly successful Managementmodellen voor communicatie (Management Models for Communicating) and deals with stories from actual practice. How do managers, administrators, directors and communication consultants combine their personal and professional lives? How do they handle everyday dilemmas? And what solutions have they come up with?

The book contains fourteen stories in which the central figure takes you along in his/her world. The entanglements and complications increase and the story ends at a peak. Five experts each time provide their views on what the central figure should do in that case. The book consequently offers you a richness of experience, applied to concrete situations.

The authors all work for Berenschot Communications. They are confronted on a day-to day basis with issues in the area of corporate communications, government communications, positioning, city marketing, regional marketing, media policy, crisis communications, public affairs, communications management and change marketing. The stories reflect their experience.


This publication is only available in Dutch

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