Managementmodellen voor communicatie (Management Models for Communicating)

Carolien Gehrels, Erik van Venetië and Jessie Thevenet
Amsterdam: Nieuwezijds, 2003
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90 5712 157 3
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Anyone conducting business or involved in management must communicate: with clients, citizens, shareholders, employees, the public, the press and other stakeholders. Communications is absolutely essential in support of mergers, reorganisations, purchasing, marketing, change programmes, positioning issues and in crisis situations.

The quality of communications determines the reputation of an organisation and therefore must form part of the responsibilities of executive management and management. Because these managers are not involved on a day-to-day basis with PR, information or communication techniques, but are nevertheless required to provide direction to these activities, Berenschot has collected 58 well-organised approaches and models for the use of communications as part of resolving management issues.

This clearly formulated book is based on experience gained in actual practice (What are managers confronted with in their day-to-day work and what do they define as a communications issue?), as well as classical models and theories.

Expertise and professionalism in the area of communications can provide added value during the analysis phase, strategy formulation and implementation. The objective of this book is to enable the executive or manager to intervene at just the right time and in the right place. With the following end-result: improvement in the organisation's image, collaboration, decision-making and reputation.

Managementmodellen voor communicatie (Management Models for Communicating) was compiled by consultants working for Berenschot Communications.


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