Maatschappelijke brancheorganisaties (Social Sector Professional Organisations)

Doing business in values
Dedan Schmidt, Lieke van der Meeren, Frank Beemer
Beekbergen, VM Uitgevers, 2008
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Housing corporations, hospitals and schools, sheltered employment agencies, homecare and welfare agencies and organisations such as healthcare insurers and utility companies. We refer to them as social enterprises. They are expected to combine social goals with a business-oriented approach. They are exposed to the full limelight due to their hybrid character. The way in which social enterprises combine public and commercial values often leads to public debate. Up until now without a clear outcome.

The social sector professional organisations protect the interests of these organisations.

Maatschappelijke brancheorganisaties (Social Sector Professional Organisations) not only provides insight into the changes that are occurring within the social sectors and their environments, but also provides insight into the challenges and decisions that these changes imply for the associated professional organisations. How are they organised to protect these interests? Are they required, in addition to protecting the economic or commercial interests of their members, just like any other professional organisation, to also take the social, public interest into consideration? Or act in a prescriptive manner towards their members if the public interest warrants it? How do they deal with the changed identity of their members? How can they serve and obtain the commitment of their diverse membership?

The book is not only relevant for members of administrative boards, managers and staff members of social sector professional organisations, but certainly for the social agencies themselves and policymakers in the field of social services as well.


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