De commissie (The committee)

About the political-administrative logic of a public secret
Martin Schulz
The Hague: Boom Lemma, 2010 (Thesis)
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Every other week, it seems that the Dutch government appoints an ad hoc committee to conduct investigations and make recommendations. The appointment of such committees is often the subject of political and social debate. We would be better off without all of these committees. However, we know very little about the practices concealed by ‘management by committee' and the contribution of committees to our public administration.

This book reports on research into why government officials use committees and the significance of committees for public administration. It gives the floor to those who are familiar with the inner workings of the committee system and provides insight into how committees operate in practice. A typical response to this practice is that committees are both undesirable and essential.

Martin Schulz is a university lecturer in public administration at Tilburg University. He is also associated with Berenschot management consultancy as a Senior Consultant and was involved in various committees in the public administration sector as secretary and researcher. In 2006, he co-authored the book Besturen in commissie (Managing by Committee) about this phenomenon.


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