Koning van het schaakbord of Jan zonder Land? (King of the Chessboard or John Lackland?)

About programme ministers
Ludy Geut, Caspar van den Berg and Suzanne van Schaik
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2010
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9 789023 246305
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The Balkenende IV Cabinet introduced a new phenomena in government circles in The Hague:  the Programme Minister. Two were appointed: one for Youth and Families and one for Housing, Communities and Integration. Both were faced with the difficult task of developing and rolling out an effective integral approach for a theme high on the political and social agenda. From the very start they were very much talked about. Each opted to set up the administrative organisation in his/her very own way. How did the ministerial programme function evolve? What can we learn from the two variants currently present, in the midst of an otherwise classical coalition cabinet? What are the related recommendations for the future?

These questions form the core of the book Koning van het schaakbord of Jan zonder Land? Over programmaministers (King of the Chessboard or John Lackland? About Programme Ministers). Due to their work the authors are extensively involved in organising government. Through their consulting and research practice, their interest in the initial experiences with the programme minister concept grew quickly. The book is written on the basis of policy documents and discussions held with parties involved with the programme ministers. They not only consulted sources in The Hague, but those throughout the country as well: councillors, directors of housing corporations, administrators of youth organisations. By publishing this book, the authors hope to contribute to the process of reflecting on a new political administrative tool.


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