Van kiem tot cash (From Seed to Cash)

Paradoxes of innovation in perspective
Joost Krebbekx, Marcel van Assen and Wilma Schreiber
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2006
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How do you shape innovation in actual practice? An interesting question that is answered in Van kiem to cash (From Seed to Cash) on the basis of the Innovation Circle. The Innovation Circle contains three stages: creation, implementation and capitalisation. For a company to successfully innovate, the circle must be completed over again each time. There is no standard approach for this. How a company can best shape its approach to innovation is determined by factors such as the market, business size, competition, product, degree of maturity, etc.

This does not obviate the fact that innovation for any company, large or small, is simply essential. Innovation leads to new perspectives, progress and improved results, competitive capacity and a flourishing economy. It requires courage and persistence. This is clear from interviews with eleven prominent players from business and knowledge institutes. These interviews are also included in this booklet. They offer the reader a glimpse of the innovation in their company and/or institution. In addition, they describe their own view of the strength of innovation in the Netherlands. What is benefiting our country and where are opportunities ignored?

The authors of Van kiem tot cash (From Seed to Cash) provide managers with insight into the many, sometimes paradoxical, forms of innovation. This is based on their years of consulting experience as Berenschot consultants in the area of innovation for diverse companies. The examples from actual practice underscore the importance of innovation in our current society.


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