Innovatie Nederlandse industrie (Innovation in Dutch industry)

Towards excellence in product development?
Joost Krebbekx and Wouter de Wolf
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2008
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Innovation is one of the most important issues we face. And not just for the Dutch economy in general, but for each individual company in it. Innovation moves us all forward, and as such, our future prosperity depends on it.

Companies in the manufacturing industry make products. That's why in this type of company, innovation and product development go hand in hand. This survey answers the question of how 150 selected product manufacturing companies in a range of sectors deal with innovation.

And in the process, the authors show that within product manufacturing companies, there are all kinds of innovations at work that companies are actually going forward with right now. They show that companies that innovate more and handle their product development more professionally have better overall performance. The booklet gives companies a number of places to start for improvement and innovation.


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