Inkoop in de zorg anno 2011 (Procurement in the Healthcare Sector in 2011)

Best practices
Hans Ruiter, Simone Heemskerk - Buijs, Eelko Bakker and Lucas van den Bemd
Utrecht: Berenschot/NEVI Zorg, 2011
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Inkoop in de zorg (Procurement in the Healthcare Sector)


The findings of this benchmark show that the professionalisation of the procurement function in the healthcare sector has taken major steps forward in recent years. This is naturally good news for those who have worked hard on this in recent years. However, the result is even more important to the healthcare sector as a whole. Indeed, a mature procurement organisation can make a very important contribution to the operation of an organisation. Not only by saving on procurement costs, but also by increasing the quality and innovation of the products and services, by reducing risk, by increasing logistics controls and by improving the primary processes in collaboration with suppliers. This not only increases the added value of a healthcare institution's procurement organisation, it also increases, deepens and broadens the significance of the procurement organisation in terms of the quality of healthcare.

Besides findings and conclusions, this publication also includes a wide range of best practices found in various healthcare institutions. I hope that this will put every healthcare institution in an even better position to translate the findings of this benchmark into an individual action plan for further professionalisation. I wish you every success and satisfaction in this regard.


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