HR Trends 2011-2012

Hans van der Spek, Marthe Paauwe and Johan van Dam
Den Haag: Performa Uitgeverij, 2011
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HR Trends 2011-2012 is the largest annual survey among internal and external HR professionals in the Netherlands into the substance and compensation of the HR function.

This book contains the opinions of approximately 1,000 respondents to questions such as:

  • How is the HR department organised?
  • What tasks form part of the HR function?
  • What policy themes are currently at play?
  • How do HR managers procure services and products?
  • What are competitive salaries for HR professionals?
  • Are HR professionals sufficiently appreciated?
  • What is the status of things such as career and work-personal life balance?
  • Has the New Way of Working already been implemented within organisations?

The survey not only focuses on ‘internal' HR professionals, who work within large/medium-sized organisations in the area of personnel and organisation, but also on the directors of HR service bureaus and independently established HR consultants.

HR Trends 2011-2012 came about with the support of all key HR professional associations, intermediaries and professional journals. The survey, an initiative of Performa Uitgeverij, was conducted by Berenschot and jointly facilitated by ADP Nederland.

hr trends 2011-2012

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