Het Groot Strategieboek (The Big Strategy Book)

In dialogue towards a strategic head start
Wieke Ambrosius, Gerben van den Berg, Sascha Bruggink, Simone Buijs, Klaas de Gier, Hendrik Jan Kaal, Martijn Laar, Roel van Lanen, Paul Pietersma, Titia Tamminga, Vera van Vilsteren
The Hague: Sdu, 2012
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978 90 5261 921 7
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Smart, strategic choices make organisations more interactive, authentic, flexible and decisive. The creation of the strategy process is a critical success factor for the ultimate result in this respect. But how does an organisation manage to shift into the right ‘strategy gear'? And how do you determine what does and does not belong in a strategy process?

Het Groot Strategieboek (The Big Strategy Book) guides you through your own strategy process and provides models and examples to substantiate and enrich the process. The book describes a fundamentally new and improved strategy process based on trends, insights and practical experiences of the past ten years.

Het Groot Strategieboek (The Big Strategy Book) consists of four parts:

  • Part I describes strategy in the context of differentiating capacity, the importance of the process to the ultimate result and the Berenschot Strategic Dialogue ® as model.
  • Part II delves deeper into the phases of the strategy process and for each phase describes how the process is executed, including characteristics, relevant issues and potential risks. A case study that tracks the full model runs through all of the phases. As an interlude to Part III, strategy is described in various contexts (such as merger and reorganisation).
  • Part III contains a selection of models that can be used as a frame of reference for each phase to perform analyses, acquire insights, draw conclusions and initiate action.
  • Part IV describes a selection of practical forms of working that are linked to the features of the Berenschot Strategic Dialogue ® as model.

The Berenschot Strategic Dialogue ® celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012; the approach is based on a learning approach to formulating strategy with many stakeholders. Het Groot Strategieboek (The Big Strategy Book) is revised version of the Het Strategieboek I (The Strategy Book I), which contains a description of this methodology. Although it is not a scientific work, it makes the existing theory and the latest practical experience accessible and translates it into a framework that can be used in practice. Over 20,000 copies were sold of the successful Het Strategieboek I (The Book of Strategy I).

Het Groot Strategieboek

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