Het Groot Managementmodellenboek (The Big Book of Management Models)

70 key models: content, application, analysis and references
Marcel van Assen, Gerben van den Berg and Paul Pietersma
The Hague: Academic Service, 2008
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987 90 5261 64 2
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70 Key Models: Content, Application, Analysis and Reference. Love them or hate them, but management models are an integral part of corporate life.

Het Groot Managementmodellenboek (˜The Big Book of Management Models) will introduce you to 70 key management tools in a clear, accessible and practical style. Each model is discussed using the same method, which includes:

  • a brief synopsis to inform the reader of the main concept behind the model;
  • a manual detailing how and when the model might be applied;
  • and an assessment in which the effectiveness of the model is critically reviewed.

Many of the models are explained on the basis of sample cases, and at the end of the section you will have gained a clear understanding of the model's workings. You will discover a variety of ways to improve your work and will never again be compelled to confess that you are not up on the latest management buzzwords!


This publication is only available in Dutch