Het Berenschot leiderschapsboek (The Berenschot Book of Leadership)

Towards a new vision of leadership and leadership development
Ber Damen
The Hague: Academic Service, 2012
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Is leadership all about inspiring people? Or achieving results? Is it a question of natural ability? Or learned behaviour? When is a leader effective? And how can you tell? Is it furthermore possible to develop this ability? And if so, how? 'Het Berenschot leiderschapsboek' (The Berenschot Leadership Manual) helps you formulate an answer to these questions. Obsolete insights are no longer effective in this regard. It requires a fresh outlook.

This book takes you on a journey of the changes that are visible in the world around us. Major shifts are taking place in society, the economy and in organisations. People's behaviour is changing accordingly. This prompts a new vision of leadership and leadership development. A vision based on a leadership relationship that is adaptive, reversible and exchangeable. With a dominant role for its followers and a strong accent on the organisational function of leadership.

This should be accompanied by a Leadership Development practice based on the mission, strategy and the function of Leadership within the organisation. The collective contribution to the realisation of the organisation, rather than the personal development of individual leaders, is the core issue. What are the challenges they are faced with and how do they shape their individual contribution and give it substance? ‘The Berenschot Leadership Manual' provides you with a tool that was specifically designed to answer these questions: The Leadership Workshop.

berenschot leiderschapsboek

This publication is only available in Dutch.

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