Heeft iemand de overhead gezien? (Has Anyone Seen Our Overhead?)?

A proven method for managing overheads
Mark Huijben en Arno Geurtsen
Den Haag: Academic Service, 2008
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9 789052 616254
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Overhead is a charged subject that often solicits an angry response. The conjecture is that there is too much overhead. Or in reverse, the cutbacks are too severe. But how do you determine the optimal level of overhead? And how does the overhead of your organisation compare with that of others in your sector?

Heeft iemand de overhead gezien? (Has Anyone Seen Our Overhead?) is based on a seven-year research and consulting programme in which a total of 1,048 organisations participated. The authors present the problems that they encountered, present the theory and provide a clear methodology for dealing with the issue of overhead. The key strength of their approach is that it has been developed in collaboration with participating organisations and has been successfully applied by them. The many examples included from actual practice makes this book a source of inspiration for executive board members and managers, and anyone else faced with the task of determining the size of the overhead.

Mark Huijben and Arno Geurtsen both work or worked for Berenschot. They are among the experts in the field of overhead. Their earlier publications about overhead in the public sector played an important role in the public debate on this topic and is reflected in the coalition agreement of the kabinet-Balkenende IV (the governing cabinet in the Netherlands).


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