Grip op personele inzetbaarheid (Control over staff availability)

Dealing with scarcity in nursing homes, care homes and home care
Michiel Baldal, Marieke Gersdorf, Hilde Veldhuis, Marco van Putten and Jasper van Sambeek
Assen: Van Gorcum publishers, 2008
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9 789023 244677
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How can we meet the future, growing demand for healthcare when the supply of qualified and motivated workers interested in a career in this sector is dwindling? This is set to become a key question in the Netherlands in the coming years. To find the answer, we must look primarily towards healthcare providers, which must have access to sufficient staff that can be available at the right time - a flexible balance between supply and demand, in other words.

This book presents a new approach to capacity management: the Dynamic Capacity Management model facilitates the creation of new initiatives for deploying workers in the most efficient way. Berenschot has developed and implemented this model at four organisations in the nursing & care and home care sectors.


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