Geslaagd (Success)

10 Lessons in innovation
Theo Camps, Wouter de Wolf and Gerben van den Berg
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2011
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Companies must innovate to survive in the current, global economy. However, innovating is not always easy. The competition is extensive, pressure from within the environment is increasing, products are becoming more complex and sustainability is getting more and more important.

For each innovation, many obstacles must be overcome, especially when smaller, younger organisations are involved. Ten companies succeeded in doing exactly that:

  • ProtoSpace
  • B[EYE]T
  • Freedom of Creation
  • The New Motion
  • Eagle Vision
  • 247Tailorsteel
  • Buro Knapzak
  • Dutch Game Garden
  • EMCM
  • @Hand InBusiness.

They reached the finish line with their ideas. In this book you will read about their success stories. If you would like to know more about these companies, click on the logos to the right.

Geslaagd. 10 lessen in innovatie
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