Gemeenten in glas (Municipalities and Fibre Optic Networks)

About the usefulness, necessity and risks of municipal interference in creating municipal fibre optic networks
Jasper Beenakker and Jan Sprenger
Utrecht: Berenschot, 2005
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Broadband is an item on the agenda of many municipalities, provinces and housing associations. The need for fast and reliable communications on the part of enterprises and citizens is continuously increasing. The way to provide sufficient capacity for the future is to install a new fibre optic network to all homes and organisations. The market does not seem to embrace this idea as yet, which is why local governments support the installation of broadband fibre networks in their regions and are preparing plans accordingly.

This booklet attempts to clarify the value and fallacies of broadband and the role of municipalities in this area in an easy to understand way. So that you are able to rapidly form a well-informed opinion concerning broadband and the role of government in its installation.


This publication is only available in Dutch