Diversiteit en verandering (Diversity and Change)

Practical factors that Influence the implementation of diversity policy
Rukiye Sarizeybek, Steve Hostmann, Kris Jansen and Arjan Verhoeven
Assen: Van Gorcum, 2010
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9 789490 314033
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The topic of diversity is a prominent element in the economic debate. Organisations are looking for options to properly implement their diversity policy as a means for realising economic benefits.

The focus on diversity policy within organisations is growing each year. The question is no longer whether, but rather how, to deal with diversity policy. The authors considered the issue of such interest that they decided to subject it to further research.

They immersed themselves in the theory and consulted experts in the area of diversity and organisational change. The discussions with nine, public as well as private, parties provide insight into the execution of diversity policy. The parties involved here are front-runners who are aware that a sound diversity policy ultimately leads to better business results and permanent competitive advantage. Despite their good intentions they all run up against obstinate actual practices.

On the basis of the 7 Strengths Model, the authors analyse how the process of moving from policy to realisation can achieve a greater degree of success. What did an organisation do, what were the results and why did it become successful or did it fail to achieve success? In short, which practical factors play a role in the actual promotion of diversity within an organisation?


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