Denkgereedschap (Thinking Tools) 2.0

A philosophical overhaul
Paul Wouters
Rotterdam: Lemniscaat, 2010
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9 789047 702160
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Is there such a thing as a philosophy that rather than being concerned with profound statements and important conjectures, concerns itself with clarifying the issues we are battling each day? Yes, such a philosophy exists. Paul Wouters takes the reader by the hand and shows that this philosophy includes a wide range of ‘thinking tools' designed to tackle issues.

Due to popular demand, Wouters created a new edition - significantly expanded and completely revised - of his original book Denkgereedschap (Thinking Tools) (1999) that through the years went through many printings. Trainers and professionals in diverging disciplines discovered this book and the associated training programmes to be an indispensable addition to the professional toolbox. They are faced with the challenge of providing their customers with new perspectives and getting them to look at problems differently, but how do they do this?


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