De Vergrijzing Voorbij (Beyond Ageing)

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Eveline Castelijns, Annick van Kollenburg, Wine te Meerman
Utrecht, Stichting Fundatie Berenschot, 2013
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Changes in our society demand a different approach to caring for the elderly. Whether it concerns ageing, cuts in collective provisions or new technical advances, one thing is clear: care for the elderly in the Netherlands is in an increasing state of flux.

In 'De Vergrijzing Voorbij', various myths about elderly care in the Netherlands are put to rest. Suggestions are also made about how care providers, policy makers and society can approach the challenges. The book gives insight into the wishes and needs of the (future) elderly population and involves the reader in the considerations and strategic choices of care providers for the elderly. Various themes and solutions for dilemmas are addressed: from a differentiated range of services to living at home independently for longer, from staffing issues to family care and technological developments.

In their own work - and private lives - the authors are very much involved in elderly care. Through their advice and research practice in this unique sector, they have experienced the impact of changes from close quarters in recent years. With the publication of this book, the authors hope to stimulate the dialogue about the future of elderly care in the Netherlands.

De Vergrijzing Voorbij

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