De maakbare verandering (Successful Change Management)

An effective approach to successful change management
Jan Joost Wobben, Annemarie Kalshoven and Rob de Groot
The Hague: Sdu Uitgevers, 2009
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9 789052 617008
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Introducing change within organisations is not always successful.There are several reasons for this. For example, the lack of a fully shared vision among management about what needs to be done differently, the lack of a link between the programme team and the organisation and among the project teams themselves, or the fragmented communication of messages.

The book De maakbare verandering (Successful Change Management) describes how to successfully implement organisational change.Ranging from the implementation and management of a new method of working, to reorganisation or a process of integration.

The authors describe a clear step-by-step plan based on five key principles for managing change, and provide tips for management.The anecdotes and case studies included in the text furthermore provide insight into practical applications.This combination of a conceptual framework with practical examples provides a solid basis for your change management process to have a real chance of success.The authors have applied the abovementioned approach to a variety of clients.


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