De jaren nul (The Baseline Years)

New opportunities to effect change in the Netherlands
Özkan Gölpinar
Utrecht/Amsterdam: Berenschot & Premsela, 2007
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9 789080 953451
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The essay De jaren nul (The Baseline Years) is the product of a joint project carried out by the Premsela Stichting and Berenschot. During the course of seven sessions with consultants and designers, artists and academics they explored solutions to current issues: the environment, education, healthcare, segregation, security, etc. Conclusion: we can partly influence the future by giving it some careful thought and by working hard on it.

Both initiators suggest that it is the professional's responsibility to dare to think in utopian terms. Only then is there room for strategic thinking, designing and constructing new visions and projecting them into the future. Professionals must apply their knowledge and experience to assist in shaping the future for the Netherlands.


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