The 8 steps to strategic success

Unleashing the power of engagement
Gerben van den Berg en Paul Pietersma
Kogan Page
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Strategy is a process of developing the corporate future. While organizations acknowledge the importance of strategy creation and execution, all too often, they don’t get the required results. Strategy consultants van den Berg and Pietersma present an 8-step process for creating a strategy that really delivers. For each step, they describe the key parts of the process, how to avoid the potential pitfalls, and point to the most useful strategic models and frameworks. Readers can see the process in action by following the case study that unfolds throughout the book.

One of the critical determinants of strategic success is to see strategy not just as planning but also as a process that involves dialogues with multiple stakeholders, both within and outside the company. This concept of dialogue is integrated into every phase of the approach and is at the heart of its effectiveness in creating strategy that delivers in practice.

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Introduction: Time to rethink strategy

Part 1: Engagement on a strategic level
1. Introducing the strategic dialogue model: 8 steps to strategic success
2. The five characteristics of the strategy process with the strategic dialogue model
3. Introducing the DuSoleil case study

Part 2: The 8 steps to strategic success revealed
4. step 1: Searchlight - what do we aspire to?
5. Step 2: Outside-in: scenarios - what futures do we need to anticipate?
6. Step 3: Inside-out: analysis - what are our capabilities?
7. Step 4: Options - what are realistic options?
8. Step 5: Choice - what is my preferred strategic option?
9. Step 6: Operationalization - how do we implement?
10. Step 7: Execution - how can we realize change?
11. Step 8: Monitoring - are we performing on target?

Part 3: Key strategy models
12. Models for Step 1: Searchlight
13. Models for Step 2: Outside-in: scenarios
14. Models for Step 3: Inside-out: analysis
15. Models for Step 4: Options
16. Models for Step 5: Choice
17. Models for Step 6: Operationalization
18. Models for Step 7: Execution
19. Models for Step 8: Monitoring

Part 4: Key engagement methods
20. Methods for the 'participatory' characteristic
21. Methods for the 'creative' characteristic
22. Methods for the 'analytics' characteristic
23. Methods for the 'decisive' characteristic
24. Methods for the 'committing' characteristic

Part 5: Applying the strategic dialogue
25. Point so attention when applying the strategic dialogue model
26. Applying the strategic dialogue in specific contexts
27. Try to avoid the most common pitfalls in a strategy process


The 8 steps to strategic succes

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