1 January 2010

Het grootste onderzoek onder interne en externe HR- en salarisprofessionals in Nederland naar de HR-functie, de HR-afdleing, de HR-dienstverlener en de beloning en waardering, inclusief de verschillen tussen man & vrouw en profit en non profit.

Ook dit jaar zijn niet alleen de zogenaamde ‘interne' HR-professionals ondervraagd, zij die binnen een (middel)grote organisatie werkzaam zijn op het gebied van personeel en organisatie. Daarnaast hebben directeuren van HR-dienstverlenende bureaus en zelfstandig gevestigde HR-adviseurs aan het onderzoek deelgenomen. De respondenten zijn via e-mail, diverse communities, websites en twitter verzocht mee te doen aan het onderzoek dat via internet heeft plaatsgevonden. Uiteindelijk hebben 819 respondenten de volledige vragenlijst ingevuld.

1 November 2009

HRM is a dynamic field, and one that is at centre stage in lean times and crisis periods. The nature of these dynamics demands that HR professionals always be on top of the latest developments in their field. The results of the ninth edition of the Berenschot Key Figures and Performance Indicators Survey show you the latest trends and issues in the field of HR, and allow you to compare your organisation's performance with that of others based on over 60 tables and graphs.

28 November 2008

Een gezonde blik naar buiten (Taking a healthy look beyond our own horizons) operationalises market orientation for general hospitals in the Netherlands. An instrument has been developed to measure this market orientation. The author concludes that market orientation for hospitals consists of an orientation towards patients, family doctors, third line healthcare insurers and competitors.

1 October 2008

Uncertainty among consumers, vendors and employees is rising. What can you do to turn the tide? Is your organisation next, or is there still something you can do to stop it? What steps do you need to take to weather this tempest? Because this is a heavy storm front that is hitting not only financial institutions, but the entire corporate sector.

1 November 2007

How are other HR departments doing? Are other organisations in the sector also experiencing difficulties as a result of labour market shortages and if so, how are they dealing with this? How did other organisations of the same size organise their HR department? Berenschot's Ken- en Stuurgetallenonderzoek Personeelsmanagement (Personnel Management Survey - Key Figures and Performance Indicators) provides you with answers to these and other questions. This publication provides insight into the trends and issues of the HR domain. In the 2007/2008 edition, the authors devote a great deal of attention to the shortages in the labour market and how organisations are dealing with this internally, as well as externally. The authors thereby specifically focus on old age-related policies and on management development.

9 October 2007

The fifth edition of the World Class Purchasing Survey provides a detailed overview of the qualitative degree of professionalism of the purchasing function in the Netherlands. This is a co-production of Berenschot and the Computer Science Department at the University of Utrecht. The World Class Purchasing Survey is sent biannually to approx. 5,000 companies and non-profit organisations and provides an overview of the purchasing function in the Netherlands.

1 June 2007

This book provides an analysis of the communication campaign conducted by the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport concerning the introduction of the new Health Care Act on 1 January 2006. The findings are covered by the book's six chapters. What went well and what went awry during the communications campaign concerning the new Health Care Act? What conscious or unconscious decisions led to success? What was the intelligence underlying the campaign? The authors conclude their treatise with a number of lessons learned and the dilemmas involved in designing these types of complex change programmes.

1 January 2007

Anyone performing a key management role in the Netherlands manages by committee. Whether this involves the fireworks disaster in Enschede or the introduction of an elected mayor or the future of Schiphol Airport: a committee investigates, advises, stimulates or evaluates. The current criticism of ‘managing by committee' for the time being is not producing any concrete changes in current practice.

1 January 2006

Organisational networks within and between healthcare institutions could be a good alternative. This concept is already being experimented with in various places. But how effective are these networks in actual fact? And how should they be set up for maximum benefit?

1 January 2006

This book describes the origins of a number of streams and in this way provides insight into the concepts underlying these methodologies. Using a model to structure the methodologies and an evaluation procedure, the various project management methodologies are compared with each other. This provides a clear overview of their interrelationships. The concluding summary indicates which project management methodology can best be applied in what context.

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